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Debt Collection

Debt collection companies are financial and legal firms specializing settlement and collection and purchase of all types of debt, whether the due or overdue or bad. Abdullatif Al Hammadi Advocates and Legal Consultants ensure that it is committed to maintaining the highest ethical and operational standards, and the protection of reputation, and the reputation of its customers and therefore it is paramount. The staff also includes training sessions on understanding and avoiding bad or unethical practices at the same time be trained on product knowledge, and skills of negotiation and communication. Training is at the hands of skilled trainers in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East.

You want to collect debts at the lowest possible cost and problems, and without affecting your reputation in the market? Here comes the role of Abdullatif Al Hammadi Advocates and Legal Consultants to collect that. We provide and implement solutions to the debt collection according to the highest professional standards, and a manner that ensures collected quickly and efficiently.

External Collections

The external collectors always fully prepared to follow up and identify customer's runaways through personal visits and direct interviews, which are necessary and vital to the completion of the collection process.

Collections over the phone

Internal collectors are contacting customers to provide integrated solutions to them for all the financial problems that might face both financial and legal.

File Maintenance

We have a safe room and are willing to save the files received from customers in accordance with the policies of insurance and the considered conservation.

Operations measures:

  • The receipt of new cases of banks and customers.
  • Separation and division of cases by geographic region.
  • Distribution of cases among collectors, according to the foundations of distribution approved by the Director of Operations.

What are the fees and other collection?

The principle of the company, "collection" in determining the fees therefore is that "we do not charge unless we have your religion." This is to prevent our customers without incurring additional fees other than those set forth in our agreement. Our company is characterized by providing the best solutions at the lowest cost, where customers stating that the fees are much lower than the fees attorneys' offices and the results of our services faster and more efficiently.

The collection company fees vary depending on the type of services provided, which vary according to the destination and payables and debt documents, type, age, size and payment mechanisms and the quality of follow-up within the UAE or abroad and needs the use of legal procedures.