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A business approach to legal services

Eventful years lapsed of the lifetime of Abdullatif Al Hammadi Advocates and Legal Consultants, this span of time was pivotal in our office but for Abdullatif Al Hammadi Advocates and Legal Consultants was an exceptional period given the achievement made on the ground, on the top of which come the confidence and trust of our clients and the renown we gained all over UAE.

The march goes on with excellence and the sun of pioneering shines in the journey of success which we intend to continue diligently in order to achieve an amiable and noble message behind which we seek the blessing of Almighty Allah, and then helping the aggrieved at an affordable attorney fees with due regard to the nature of the cases and understanding of circumstances of the clients.

Our excellence and point of strength lies in the depth of our growing legal expertise and successes, we look forward to continue our status as a locally focused legal firm with global reach, the sky is the limit of our ambition.

  • We have a dedicated team of front-end attorneys and back-end attorneys and highly experienced legal advisors to act on your behalf in all types of litigation and provide you with prompt responses to your legal consultancy and inquiries, moreover they do draft and word your contracts and agreements, wherever you are in the Globe, and as per all major language you want with all efficiency.
  • Our above mentioned team of attorneys and legal advisors is backed by team of administrative staff to complete and process transactions and prepare case files, process and settle and collect debts before all government and private institutions, and follow-up each file and update the client about any action required on timely manner to the satisfaction of the clients and beyond their expectations.
  • The office is centrally and strategically located on Sheikh Zayed Road, off Burj Khalifa and is equipped with communication network and high-end website and call center to respond to your legal inquiries and other relevant matters.


Emirates of Dubai comes in the vanguard of business and finance and is considered as the economic capital of Arab World and indeed is geared up as the capital of the Islamic Economy, and it is no wonder that Dubai seeks to be the capital of the Islamic Economy owing to its strategic location in the heart of the world, in addition to full-fledged infrastructure.

On the other hand, we at Abdullatif Al Hammadi Advocates and Legal Consultants, we want to keep peace with this economic boom by expanding our office in all aspects of commercial transactions, we act on behalf of our clients in all commercial cases to the satisfaction of our clients with all diligence and efficiency. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • All cases related to purchase of commodities and other movable and immovable properties with a purpose of sale or re-conditioning or re-manufacturing.
  • All cases related to purchase or lease of commodities and other movable or immovable properties with a purpose of lease.
  • All cases related to sale or lease of commodities and movables purchased or leased as above mentioned.
  • All cases related to banking, powers and investment companies, trust, financial institutions and all other financial brokerage operations.
  • All cases related to commercial instrument whatsoever and whatsoever the nature.
  • All cases related to Maritime or Air Shipping including:
    • ship building, purchase of aircrafts or charter flights, maintenance or repair of aircrafts, marine and air cargo
    • sale and purchase of supplies or tools of vessels materials, aircrafts and catering

    • Shipping and Cargo
    • Air and Maritime Loans and Finances
    • Crew and Seamen Employment Contracts in commercial aircrafts and ships.
  • All cases related to companies incorporation.
  • All cases related to current accounts.
  • All cases related to insurance.
  • All cases related to sales in auctions.
  • All cases related to hotels, restaurants, cinema houses, theatres, play-grounds and leisure house.
  • All cases related to water, power and gas transmission and distribution.
  • All cases related to publication of newspapers and magazines and other profit making media organizations through publication in advertisements, news and media essay
  • All cases related to both cables and telecommunications
  • All cases related to Television and recording studios.
  • All cases related to public warehouses and mortgages
  • All cases related to brokerage.
  • All cases related to commercial agency.
  • All cases related to commission agencies.
  • All cases related to commercial representation.
  • All cases related to supply contracts.
  • All cases related to purchase and sale of lands and real estate with a purpose of profit before or after development.
  • All cases related to land transport.
  • All cases related to real estate works in particular when the contractor undertakes to supply materials and manpower.
  • All cases related to exploration of natural resources.
  • All cases related to tourism, import and export and custom clearance and employment offices.
  • All cases related to printing works, publication, recording and advertisement.
  • All cases related to industry and fabrication.
  • All cases related to fisheries and livestock.
  • All cases related to hire of third party with a purpose of hiring.
  • All cases related to lease of houses, flats, rooms furnished or unfurnished, with a purpose of releasing.

From the lively heart of Dubai, Abdullatif Al Hammadi Advocates and Legal Consultants, open their arms wide open to receive our clients from the world of business and finance and merchants to equip them with support legal service and standard legal consultancy and plead on their behalf in all cases before all courts of all degrees in UAE, we are not alone in the legal market but we intend to be the best.