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Business is our signature

Remarkable years passed by in Abdullatif Al Hammadi Advocates and Legal Consultants, which are considered as a pivotal period in our office, however, in Al Hammadi & Associates Advocates and Legal Consultants, this, is an exceptional case, compared to the achievements gained along with clients' trust and good reputation across UAE.

The journey is going forward as well as the excellence while we are sailing towards success and to achieve an objective and noble message of our office is that to adhere to our principles, assisting aggrieved persons with affordable fees with regard to the nature of cases, the situations of our clients represented in the achievement of our message before making profit.

Our cutting-edge and strength rely in our extended legal experience and continuous success, as we are marching to reach out globally, and there are no boundaries or barriers against our ambitions.

  • We have a team of qualified lawyers and advisors who are trained to represent and defend you in legal cases, providing prompt responses on all of your legal consultations' need, drafting your contracts and documents in any part of the world and as per the language of your choice.
  • In addition, we have a team of administrators in our back office to carry out the work, clearance of transactions, handling debt settlements before the entire government and private authorities with accuracy and precision, follow up with each client’s file and carry out the required procedure in timely manner that achieve and exceed client satisfaction.
  • The office has a strategic location in "Sheikh Zayed Road in front of Burj Khalifa", it has communication network and a high speed website along with a call center that addresses your legal queries and other aspects.


The metropolitan Dubai has its unique place in the world of finance and business, which considered the Arab's economic city. The city has already initiated what would qualify it to be the Islamic World Economic Capital due to its strategic location in the heart of the world, as well as its infrastructure enables it to do so.

We, at Abdullatif Al Hammadi Advocates and Legal Consultants keeping up with such developments through expansion in our office in various field of commercial business, where we represent our clients in a variety of commercial business with excellence, speed and competence, the following (including but not limited to) are some of our business:

  • All cases relating to purchase of goods and other tangible and intangible movables with an intent to sale with a profit, whether to sale it in its current condition, transfer or manufacture them
  • All cases relating to purchase or renting of goods and other tangible and intangible movables with intent of rent.
  • All cases relating to sale or rent of goods and movables, which have been purchased or rented as abovementioned
  • All cases relating to banking, exchange, operations of investment companies, credit funds, financial institutions and other financial brokerage.
  • All cases relating to operations correlated with commercial instruments of any nature.
  • All cases relating to maritime and air navigation, such as:
    • Building of vessels and airplanes, selling, buying, purchasing, renting, and repairing them as well as maritime and air shipment including the naval and aerial transport
    • Sell/purchase of vessels or airplanes items and catering.
    • Loading and offloading.
    • Maritime and aerial loans.
    • Contracts of captains and seamen in vessels and commercial airplanes.
  • All cases relating to incorporation of companies.
  • All cases relating to current accounts.
  • All cases relating to any type of insurance excluding cooperative insurance.
  • All cases relating to auction sales.

  • All cases relating to the business of hotels, restaurants, cinema, theater, play grounds and amusement.
  • All cases relating to distribution of water and transmission of electricity and gas.
  • All cases relating to the issuance of newspapers and magazines where the purpose of issuance is to make profit through advertising, news and articles.
  • All cases relating to cybercrimes and telecommunications.
  • All cases relating to broadcasting, television, recording and filming studios.
  • All cases relating to public warehouses and mortgages on the money placed therein.
  • All cases relating to brokerage.
  • All cases relating to commercial agency.
  • All cases relating to agency by commission.
  • All cases relating to commercial representation.
  • All cases relating to supply contracts.
  • All cases relating to purchase and sell of lands/ property with intent to profit from its sale, whether in its current situation, transfer or fragment them.
  • All cases relating to land transport.
  • All cases relating to occupancy of property, whenever the contractors undertake to supply the materials or labour.
  • All of the cases relating to exploring industries of natural resources.
  • All cases relating to the business of tourism, travel, export, import, customs clearance, services and manpower offices.
  • All cases relating to the business of printing press, distribution, pictures, recording and publication.
  • All cases relating to the industry.
  • All cases relating to the business of fishing and animal resources
  • All cases relating to renting of third parties' business.
  • All cases relating to leasing/renting of houses, flats and rooms furnished or unfurnished

A Law firm built for business

From the beating heart of Dubai, Abdullatif Al Hammadi Advocates and Legal Consultants opens wide its arms for all of its clients, and to receive a variety of cases relating to the world of finance and business from traders that resulted out of business, in order to provide them with many means of support, legal experience and accurate consultations, as well as defending them in various commercial cases resulting from business with competency, capability, excellence and professionalism.

We do know that we are not alone in the market of legal business, but we strive to offer our best service.