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We offer multiple and diversified legal services. We present our clients' cases before the judicial authorities in their various forms. We offer legal consultations and contract drafting in the different branches and fields of law including, but not limited to:


In the field of civil law transactions; it includes various types of contracts and transactions between people such as the contract of sale, and the lease in terms of drafting contracts or auditing and providing consultancy around them and deception, unfairness, tricks, coercion, mistake or defects that they may face.

In the field of civil law procedures; it includes the procedures of the law suit from when it is brought before judiciary until the final verdict and its implementation.

In the field of commercial transactions; Concerning the conclusion of commercial contracts, commercial mortgage and what is similar, and the points of difference between them. The civil contracts and their related matters from various types of commercial transactions by traditional methods and electronic contracts.

In the field of the Evidence Act in civil and commercial transactions; it includes the subject of required evidence depending on the type of contract made between the parties such as: taking the oath, presumptions and the testimony of witnesses, and their importance before concluding the contract and signing it. In the case of contracts that have been concluded before we handle solving their related problems.

In the field of banking law and financial institutions; (it includes various types of banking transactions such as deposits and current account, bank transfers and representation of banks in all cases. This also includes those related to dealers and lawsuits filed against them and confronting the prosecutors by demonstrating legal defenses related to banking actions and averting the responsibility of the bank for claims for compensation).

In the field of laws of Electronic Crimes & Developed Electronic Transactions (it includes pleading in law suits arising from disputes and electronic crimes, whether caused from inside or outside the State and whatever the type of electronic crime committed such as hackers, dissemination of specificities on the Internet, etc. Besides electronic crimes, we adopt various electronic suits arising from electronic contracts of various kinds, as well as disputes arising from telecommunications crimes of all kinds.

In the field of endowment, will, inheritance and disputes arising there from for Muslims and non-Muslims. We adopt our clients suits in these issues for various nationalities, races and religions in order to ensure and guarantee the fulfilment of their rights and preparation and formulation of the will to Muslims and non-Muslims, according to the legitimate laws of each religion.

In the field of drug cases law, we plead in such cases for clients before the police, the department of the public prosecutor and courts to refute suspicions around them. We examine what may be confused by the powers of exploration, reasoning and investigation of claims or errors against persons in such crimes. We believe in innocence for the grieved as a principle and convey a message of a humanitarian duty before being a job.

In the field of Insurance law & lawsuits of insurance companies, this topic includes various lawsuits arising from disputes of insurance by the insurer or the insured or the assured or others. We move various claims in this regard whatever the type of the case.

In the field of intellectual property laws. This includes the intellectual rights of authors, whether material or moral, rights of use and to prevent the abuse of these rights include the right to brand and patents registration with the competent authorities.

In the field of Shipping & Maritime Law, it includes the most important international commercial contracts, such as the international contract of sale CIF, FOB, Fez, what is related to them and certificates required for the conclusion of these contracts. It also includes all the customs and compensation claims and all matters relating to shipping, ships protection and their owners against the special terms and conditions provided rent, including the bill of lading, shipping disputes and loading on board.

In the field of Companies law, (it includes the ways of establishing companies, its license and disengagement of partnerships and disputes relating to this matter), as well as the termination, dissolution and liquidation of companies, and legal protection of the company through organizing management.

In the field of real estate regulation & properties law suits, it includes all real estate suits and their consequences, carrying out all real estate business in the court, the Land Department or arbitration centers, acting on behalf of developers and investors, preparing and submitting legal warnings and defence memos.

In the field of Rent Act, it includes all concluded leases, studying and analysing them, and attempting to solve them amicably. In case of being unable to be amicably resolved, we will resort to the Special Committee for dispute settlement between landlords and tenants through appearing before the Committee and providing it with explanatory notes.

In the field of Family laws & Personal Status laws for Muslims and non-Muslims Such as marriage, divorce, taking off suits, the right of the non-Muslim husband or wife to request divorce, the lawsuits of inheritance, legacy, alimony and custody.

In the field of dispute resolution by Commercial Arbitration, it includes a free arbitration, mediation, conciliation, dealing with various arbitration cases, preparing and registering arbitration cases in the arbitration authority, defence and indicating the rights of our clients for arbitrators to achieve the desired goals. It also includes the ratification of the arbitration judgment and procedures.

In the field of Labour Law &Labour Lawsuits, It includes the rights of both the employer and the employee, wrongful dismissal, presentation before labour courts, termination of the employment contract, organizing and preparing a list of disciplinary sanctions, cases of accidents and claims of compensation arising there from.

In the field of Criminal Law, as we represent our clients in all matters related to criminal laws in all parts of the United Arab Emirates and before all courts, whether felonies, misdemeanours or violations before first instance, appeal and discrimination courts. We record criminal notifications, follow up investigations of all police stations in the country. We also defend our client in all types of cases (felonies, misdemeanours or violations, family and juveniles cases, money lawsuits).

In the field of in implementing the provisions and collecting money from debtors and implementation problems, and the ways to handle them, Including following-up the implementation of the final verdicts of all courts of the country. We are also distinguished by our quick performance in performing implementation procedures and querying about debit accounts to collect the amount in favour of our client.

In the field of Civil Aviation, it includes disputes between commercial firms and individuals, and airlines firms, and the scope of applying the provisions of the Air Navigation, international air transport contract, passenger ticket, the air conveyor commitments, the rights and commitments of the traveller and the air conveyer’s liability for delay damages.